3 common misconceptions about eLearning

Hannah Waddams | 09/06/2017

eLearning for twitter-2.pngWhenever I tell somebody I work for an eLearning solutions provider, they roll their eyes and say, ‘those boring courses?!’ So, I thought it was about time I tried to set the record straight, and disprove three common misconceptions about eLearning.

  1. It’s boring

    We’ve all sat through ‘click next’ eLearning courses – and you’re right, they are boring. But eLearning doesn’t have to be like this. For example, using interactions or quizzes throughout your course breaks up monotonous eLearning, keeps your learners engaged and checks their retention of information.

    Or, you can use beautifully designed graphics to add another dimension to your eLearning, such as the map we used in AXA’s template packs, to keep your learner’s attention.
  1. Lack of real world application

    It’s often thought that eLearning doesn’t teach you about ‘real-world’ scenarios, but that’s not the case. eLearning is a great way to teach learners the consequences of their actions without the fear and risk of failure.

    Branching scenarios are a fantastic way of doing this, allowing learners to make a choice and to see the consequences of their action through eLearning. If you’ve been on the certified Articulate Storyline training course, you’ll know all about customer service decision making in the Kayak shop (and how to create the branching scenario of course!) But if you haven’t, check out our webinar on branching scenarios to see how you can bring real-life situations into your eLearning. 
  1. Lack of engagement

    Engagement in eLearning is a worry for many; as your learners do not have a trainer or instructor stood in front of them. However, there are many ways to check if your learners are engaged, such click to reveal interactions, or quizzes, like we did in Eurostar’s eLearning course. There are many ways to increase learner engagement in eLearning, including; incentivizing the course, including competitions or getting feedback from your learners – and acting on it! You can see our 5 tips for increasing engagement, here.  

So, if you’re fed up with boring, unengaging eLearning, why not contact our content development division, Cursim, to discover how we can help you create beautiful eLearning?

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Hannah Waddams

Hannah is a marketing executive here at Omniplex

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