5 Instructional design techniques red24 used to coach their learners (live webinar)

Stephen Miller | 02/12/2016

Screen_Shot_2016-02-11_at_10.55.29.pngIf you attended our eLC Demofest earlier in the week, you'll know how valuable the experience of sharing eLearning content can be. Whether you're taking your first steps into eLearning development, looking for best practice instructional design tips, or just want to benchmark your existing projects against the industry standard, there is so much to learn.

So, here at Omniplex, we thought what better way to share knowledge, than to run a webinar series showcasing some of the great content our clients have developed, together with Cursim, our expert content development team.

In this webinar, we’ll be showcasing eLearning content from red24, a leading international crisis management consultancy.


What was the challenge?
red24 assist a range of clients in minimising risks to their personnel, operations, and profitability. One area specialty is travel safety and risk management. Their challenge was to offer their clients effective training to minimize the risk of their executives traveling on business.

How did we helped find the solution?
red24 was seeking a solution that was both creative and engaging but still offered effective education. Through our Cursim team, we provided a set of four eLearning modules which focus on typical travel situations to deliver key points on effective preparation and situational awareness.

So come along and join our free live webinar on Thursday, February 18th to see how we helped put the following 5 eLearning approaches into context:

1. An introductory section which focuses on the motivation for doing this course
2. Interactive video to illustrate the situation
3. Scenario-based learning to contextualise the material and engage the student
4. Self-assessment to encourage the student to reflect on their own behaviour
5. Inclusion of gamification elements to add interest and challenge to the course

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller is Head of Sales and Marketing at Omniplex

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