5 things to consider when branding your Learning Management System

Stephen Miller | 03/01/2016


We know you spend a lot of time focusing on the design style of your eLearning courses, but do you have the same considerations when branding your Learning Management System? Think of your LMS as an opportunity to build your brand and culture. Your learners are ‘there’, live, and you need to make the most of this face time, whether these learners are employees, partners or vendors.
Here are a few things to consider when determining your LMS style:

1. Visual style
What should your learners feel when they take a course? How should they feel when they log in and navigate to open and launch a course? What does this say about your organisation? Do you need a clean, simple, stylised UE, or something more sterile and complex?

2. Expectations
Focus on building a comfortable experience so your learners are confident and know they are in the right place doing the right thing. Make sure it looks well thought-out, something your organisation takes seriously AND is dedicated to.

3. Style of audience
Know and understand your learner base. It is one thing when you are training your own employees, but perhaps you are a retailer and depend on independent sales reps or partners. In this case, your branding efforts and look & feel might be even more critical because you are inviting them to take your training.

4. Mobile ready
Do you need to build and enable your courses for a tablet or even a smart phone? If so, then you need to consider your imagery and layout for optimal performance. And let’s be honest, in today’s environment audience expectations and demands are high. Long gone are the days when learners were happy to just watch and click the next button, now they demand eLearning to be easy to use and engaging or otherwise they literally shut down, and you lose credibility.

5. 'Brandability'
Depending on your business, you may need to regularly review and adapt your LMS branding. Many of our retail clients, for example, require quarterly brand reviews and redesigns in keeping with their seasonal fashion line updates. How much control do you need? And how self-sufficient do you need to be make ad-hoc brand changes?

Whether you're looking for a first LMS for your organisation, or looking for a change of systems, I hope this short check list resonates and provides some help.

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Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller is Head of Sales and Marketing at Omniplex

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