It was just announced that Omniplex has been awarded Partner of the Year 2014 by Articulate®! We are incredibly honored to achieve this award and are extremely proud of our entire Omniplex team!

Omniplex Sales Manager, Stephen Miller, and I were at the Articulate Partner Summit in New York City to accept the award.

Matthew Lloyd | 12/16/2014

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The top 5 reasons you should be using videos in your eLearning

There is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration waiting for you on YouTube, all generously created and shared with you by strangers. And the sheer number of videos on YouTube speaks to a deeper truth. Video works. It is popular. People like it, and your learners will too, because you know what? -  they're people, too.

Matthew Lloyd | 08/27/2013

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3 Creative ways to customise your elearning systems

We are all egocentric at heart. We love being recognised. We love to think that not only are we special, but other people get that we are special. 

Coca Cola's 'share a Coke' campaign which has been running in markets outside the USA over the past few months uses this in perhaps it's most simple, yet powerful, way; it simply puts people's names on the Coke bottles. Sales are up 15%.

Personalising elearning can have an equally dramatic impact on the engagement you can make with your learners. Here are three key areas where you can look at personalising your elearning systems:

Matthew Lloyd | 07/22/2013

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Welcome to the new Omniplex Knowledge Blog

This is the inaugural entry in what will be the central blog for Omniplex’s musings on the state of the knowledge-sharing market, tips on best practise and anything else that takes our fancy and that we feel will be of interest and help to you. Welcome! And welcome to our new website that has just gone live. I'’ve just been told it is over 15 times the size of the last site, and here I am creating even more content for it! (I’m assured the server isn’t even breaking sweat).

Matthew Lloyd | 04/27/2009

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