Learning Technologies 2010: the trends

Adriann Haney | 03/04/2010

Now the dust has settles after Learning Technologies a few weeks ago, we have analysed the trends and hot topics that were on the minds of the visitors to our stand over the two days.

Two main themes seem to dominate; one being the increasing number of organizations looking for an LMS to replace an existing system, rather than looking for their first LMS. In many cases this is to meet a specific departmental or project’s requirement which doesn’t need the full force of the corporate enterprise LMS/HR system. Additionally a significant number of companies were looking to move away completely from their ‘legacy’ LMS (or LMSs!) to move to a system which is more ‘modern’ –specifically an LMS with a more intuitive user interface (it is amazing how many established LMSs have grown old and bloated over the years).

The other stand-out topic of discussion was mobile learning. The iPad announcement co-incided with the show and this no doubt helped raise the subject in peoples’ minds. See an earlier post for our take on the iPad (in short: if the iPad doesn’t take off for corporate eLearning due to its absence of Flash, other tablets that do support Flash will help deliver the m-Learning vision).

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