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Matthew Lloyd | 04/27/2009

This is the inaugural entry in what will be the central blog for Omniplex’s musings on the state of the knowledge-sharing market, tips on best practise and anything else that takes our fancy and that we feel will be of interest and help to you. Welcome! And welcome to our new website that has just gone live. I'’ve just been told it is over 15 times the size of the last site, and here I am creating even more content for it! (I’m assured the server isn’t even breaking sweat).

In this first post I wanted to give a brief introduction to some of the topics I will be expounding on over the coming weeks, months, (years?!). Specifically the state of eLearning in the UK (as witnessed from the coal face) and the hype surrounding the new online collaborative solutions, known collectively as Web 2.0.

An immediate observation is that Web 2.0 is not a replacement for eLearning. There is much talk about ‘Generation Y’ demanding just-in-time knowledge, as opposed to structured, largely linear, eLearning (or classroom-based) learning. Whilst this is undoubtedly true, for many knowledge-transfer needs there is no substitute for formal, structured training. Not least because of the ability to measure and report on the training that has been delivered through a structured curriculum.

Formal training can also prove more effective for learners should their personal learning styles attract them to either the facilitated, shared experience of the classroom, or the more isolated, yet guided, environment offered by e-learning.

So, although eLearning is not going away anytime soon, it is certainly being joined by more informal collaborative technologies such as blogs, wikis, message boards, web-conferencing systems etc. These complement the formal learning resources often already established in organisations, and can provide immediate answers to immediate questions.

In further posts I will describe in more detail how each of the technologies available today can most appropriately contribute to an organisations knowledge sharing challenges. So please bookmark this page and remember to come back.

Matthew Lloyd

Matthew is the CEO of Omniplex

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