Creating a digital scale in Articulate Storyline: Part 2

Muhammad Nurul Islam | 05/14/2018

In my last blog, I shared a step by step guide on how to make a digital scale in Articulate Storyline. We used custom graphics, and the storyline dial to create a working scale. In this post, I am going to show you how we can expand the use of this digital scale, by using it as part of a question. 

Before we start

If you haven’t already created your digital scale slide, follow my previous blog to do that now, making sure you complete all steps. Once you have created your digital scale slide, you are ready to turn it into a question. 

Step 1

Once you’ve set up your page, with your digital scale, add two shapes outside the slide.

I’ve made one green and one red square and have label these shapes BT_correct and BT_incorrect respectively.

We will use these boxes when we insert the freeform question. 


Step 2

Go to the Insert tab and select convert to freeform, selecting the ‘Pick One’ question type. 


Add your two shapes, BT_correct, and BT_incorrect as choices.

Set the correct answer to BT_correct and the incorrect answer to BT_incorrect. 


Step 3

Now our slide is a question, we need to connect the dial with the freeform question, and we do this by using triggers. The correct answer in this example will be ‘2.5kg’ (or '5' in the dial count).

We start with our trigger for the correct answer:

We do this by setting up a trigger with the condition where BT_correct shape is selected when the dial is equal to 2.5kg or ‘5’ in the dial count.


Step 4

Next, we create the incorrect answer trigger. This will need to show that the ‘BT_incorrect’ shape is selected when the dial is not equal to 2.5kg or ‘5’ in the dial count.


Step 5

As we are using a custom submit button, I have unticked the ‘submit button’ in the slide settings. So now, your question slide will look like this: 

Question Slide

And your incorrect layer will look like this: 

Incorrect layer

After following these steps, you now have a digital scale that you can use to test your learners in Articulate Storyline. Keep an eye out for part three of this blog, which will show you how to add an animation to your dial, when the incorrect answer is selected. 

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Muhammad Nurul Islam

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