Fast paced learning: How an LMS can help fashion brands stay on top

Hannah Waddams | 06/05/2018

The challenges faced by organisations in the fashion and luxury industries are accentuated by the need to keep up with the fast pace of their cutting-edge target audience. Although many would consider this challenge to be the problem of the product, sales or marketing teams – it also has a huge impact on the training of employees.

Out-of-date technology can have a detrimental impact to the productivity of employees; negatively impacting revenue – and brand reputation. To overcome these issues, fashion and luxury brands need to adopt an LMS which: 

  • Promotes a culture of learning within their organisation
  • Centralises training materials for easy access
  • Easily manages versioning, so consistent and up-to-date product information is provided
  • Increases the pace of training to keep staff in-the-know when it comes to product changes and seasonal promotions

Although these benefits are clear, sometimes gaining board-level buy-in is a challenge. You need to help your executives understand how a new learning management system will support your training efforts and have a positive impact on the all-important profits of your organisation. For some helpful hints on how to put a business case together for your new LMS, download the business case now. 

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Hannah Waddams

Hannah is a marketing executive here at Omniplex

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