Learning management systems: The shining star of your organisation

Hannah Waddams | 05/24/2018

The return on investment is high when it comes to any form of training, as employee learning and development leads to an engaged, more productive workforce (and has a positive impact on staff turnover). So, it’s clear to see how a successful learning strategy can lead to a significant impact on your business. But how can a learning management system help?

Our friends at Docebo define an LMS as ‘learning software designed to deliver, track and certify online courses and training’. So how can software designed to facilitate training make a business impact? We asked our experts: 

“A learning management system organises your eLearning content in one location, providing easy access to your learners at any time of the day. I think this really empowers your learners to take control of their own learning. Improving the skillset of your team will undoubtedly result in a more productive and happy team.” - Nick Bond, eLearning solutions consultant at Omniplex.

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“I echo Nick’s point about an LMS being a central source for employee training. Alongside this, an LMS will also uncover employee skills within your organization and allow you to coach employees for their desired career path. Uncovering skills internally will help your organization in a variety of ways; from reducing employee turnover and increasing employee satisfaction, to reducing the cost of recruitment” - Lee Ann Slaughterbeck, Business Development Manager at Omniplex

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Nick and Lee Ann, who have over 20 years combined experience working with learning management systems, have many more suggestions for how you can utilise an LMS to benefit your organisation. To discuss these strategies further, they are hosting a webinar on Tuesday 29th May 2018, which will also cover: 

  • Reducing training costs with a learning management system
  • Encouraging learners to learn from one another with social learning
  • Identifying knowledge gaps in your organisation – and fixing them quickly

To learn how you can make a positive change at your organisation, register for the webinar now. 

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Hannah Waddams

Hannah is a marketing executive here at Omniplex

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