Meet the faces of our 2016 Learning Technologies Stand

Stephen Miller | 01/22/2016

It’s great to be back into another January. Yes, it’s freezing cold, but it means we have the run up to another Learning Technologies exhibition and conference! In just under two weeks time, industry suppliers, innovators, thought-leaders, movers-and-shakers, and the greater L&D fraternity will be converging at Olympia to discuss the latest trends and innovations.
We’re super excited about this year’s event. Well, we always are about Learning Technologies, but possibly more so than ever before. It’s an opportunity for us to meet with our clients and chew-the-fat. To have those conversations that start to shape L&D strategies for the year ahead, and to also meet peer-to-peer with other industry suppliers and providers and to share some of the highs and lows of the year gone by.

But for all of us here at Omniplex, Learning Technologies also offers a huge opportunity to share news about our new and exciting plans, products, solutions and partnerships.
Come visit us at our new and improved stand at E14, ask us about these plans and partnerships, and we’d love to know about your challenges and goals for the year ahead.

Our Head of Learning, Graeme Youngs, will also be running a seminar at theatre 3 on 3rd February at 11.45am. Pop by, and see why he’ll be tackling: Converting classroom materials for online delivery: is eLearning the only answer?

So, who else from Omniplex will you be able to meet? You might recognise these faces, and if you don’t, I hope this will be a nice introduction to who you can speak to on our stand:

Omniplex_Headshot__0000s_0001_Andrei_Grayson_Color.pngAndrei Grayson - eLearning Solutions Consultant 
“This will be my 4th Learning Technologies and I’m looking forward to this one the most, especially with our new and largest ever stand. It’s always a fantastic opportunity to catch up with our wonderful customers and a great way to meet new people and introduce them to our fantastic eLearning solutions.”

Charlotte_Blog.pngCharlotte Bryce - eLearning Solutions Consultant 
“I’m really excited to show the new products we have at Learning Technologies. Aside from that, putting faces to the names and voices of people I’ve spoken to for years is a bonus!”

Corey-Mitchell.pngCorey Mitchell - eLearning Solutions Consultant 

“I’ve worked in eLearning for 5 years now, but despite this, I have never been to a Learning Technologies event (my former employer was not a fan of marketing sadly)! I’ve always heard great things about this event and look forward to meeting some familiar faces and discovering new trends in the L&D field! Also excited to see what shenanigans the guys and gals from eLearning Brothers are up to this year!”

Georgina_Blog_Author-3.pngGeorgie Hamblin - eLearning Solutions Consultant
“Why am I here?’ you ask yourself. Sure, you’ve added to your extensive collection of freebies and enjoyed listening to your favourite speaker while sipping on an overpriced coffee. Yet you wonder how many of the great ideas you are listening to would actually work in your own organisation? Or whether you’d ever actually have the time, resources and support to implement some of the more innovative suggestions?

What I find most valuable about Learning Technologies isn’t the speakers, the new products or companies I see popping up. The best thing about learning technologies is hearing what is actually happening across L&D departments throughout the UK. 

You’d struggle to find a better way to get a snap shot of what people are really doing with digital Learning.”

Paul_Daly_Omniplex_image.jpgPaul Daly - Sales Manager
“I really look forward to Learning Technologies as it really provides a good opportunity to catch up with clients, prospects, friends and peers in the eLearning world. It is great to discuss new and exciting subjects in the learning world, hear customer’s ideas and explore solutions for them. This year is really exciting with all the new offerings from Omniplex and to share this with the delegates.  I just love it when someone you know springs onto your stand to say hello.”

Omniplex_Headshot_Graeme_Youngs_Color_1.pngGraeme Youngs - Head of Learning 
“I’m really looking forward to this year’s Learning Technology Show. Last year was even more nerve-wracking as we did a live demonstration of interactive video which has a huge amount of potential to wrong. The session was incredibly popular so we have a lot to live up to!  This year, I am looking forward to presenting on the process of converting classroom courses into blended learning – we are finding it a topic our clients increasingly want to discuss with us so hopefully, people will find it genuinely interesting and useful, rather than just a standard sales pitch!”

Remember to visit our stand at E14. We all look forward to see you there!


Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller is Head of Sales and Marketing at Omniplex

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