Omniplex Core Values

Aaron Kesseli | 11/20/2014

The culture of a company is just as essential to the business as the eLearning solutions it sells. These days, more so than ever before, employees are looking at their employer to not only embrace a positive culture, but to lead by example. And that’s why Omniplex has taken such pride in creating a set of core values that reflects its team members, its business practices and its community as a whole. We wholeheartedly believe that if we want to attract the best talent, do right by our customers and achieve the greatest success, we must abide by these six core values:

The Customer Is Paramount:

Omniplex is built around the customer - It’s that simple. Early on we realized that focusing on the customer was the only way to exceed expectations. And ever since, it’s been the key ingredient for our company’s success.


We Never Stop eLearning:

For over 20 years, Omniplex has had front-row seats to the evolution of the industry. Once we get to talking about eLearning, our conversation tends to grow into a rowdy discussion of the future of education that crescendos into a riotous celebration of the business. We have a passion for this stuff, and we couldn’t be happier leading the industry we love.

We Embrace Innovation:

We continue to welcome technology into our business. Electronic media (the ‘e’ in eLearning) has equipped us with the capacity to distribute eLearning to people of every language and skillset around the world. It’s truly a great time to champion learning in the digital era.

We Strive for Excellence:

Excellence doesn’t just mean growth or healthy profits. For us, it also means constantly improving our business, our relationships and the community around us. 

We Share the Goods:

Our business is knowledge and our asset is expertise. We have a devotion to empowering our customers and sharing our wisdom. Rather than creating dependence, we aim for trust. Some would say that’s not good business, but we believe that’s exactly what good business is.

The Shirt Off Our Back:

We care about one another because we’re all in this together. Our mantra here at Omniplex is to always lend a helping hand. Be generous. Be considerate. Be for the good of the team, the community and the world. If you need it, we’ll give you the shirt off our back in a heartbeat. 

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Aaron Kesseli

Aaron Kesseli is a Content Strategist with Omniplex.

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