A few quick tips to help you find the best eLearning provider

I’ve recently been on the look-out for a new car. It has been a bit of a painful process, just ask my wife. Most recent evenings have been filled with me boring her about whether I should ‘opt for the heated seats?’ Or, perhaps, ‘do I go 17’’ or 18’’ alloys?’ I try my best at coming across as a ‘petrol head’. Katy humours me, but she doesn’'t really care.

Stephen Miller | 07/24/2013

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3 Creative ways to customise your elearning systems

We are all egocentric at heart. We love being recognised. We love to think that not only are we special, but other people get that we are special. 

Coca Cola's 'share a Coke' campaign which has been running in markets outside the USA over the past few months uses this in perhaps it's most simple, yet powerful, way; it simply puts people's names on the Coke bottles. Sales are up 15%.

Personalising elearning can have an equally dramatic impact on the engagement you can make with your learners. Here are three key areas where you can look at personalising your elearning systems:

Matthew Lloyd | 07/22/2013

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Inactive or interactive - The secret to elearning content development

Click here, click there, click almost anywhere, but are the interactive elements of the eLearning content on offer to your staff actually helping to deliver a truly engaging experience?

It's one of the fastest growth areas of development in the training business, but all too often, new, apparently "engaging" e-learning programmes start with a bang and end with a whimper.

So what's going wrong? For the savvy elearners of today there’s little point in clicking, if today’s “interactive” learning features fail to make the grade.

Inactive or interactive

In e-learning, the purpose of completing a course is to learn – to gain knowledge and understanding, or to master a new skill. Interactivity may be entertaining for the user, but its main objective is to create, enhance and support the learning of specific pre-defined goals. The user should not simply read or be told the learning points, but should actually participate in bringing them forward as they progress through the course.

Helen Smirthwaite | 07/10/2013

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Secure Boardroom Buy-in for Your eLearning Development Wishlist

The need for the HR specialist to have a recognised and respected place on leadership boards is something that the L&D community is frequently talking about. Given the pressures they face on an everyday basis when it comes to influencing and facilitating positive change, there’s no doubt that the HR world recognises the need to step up and truly add commercial value as an integral part of the business.

Adriann Haney | 06/20/2013

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Make your organisation stronger with social learning

Last year US companies with 10,000 employees or more spent an average of $46,000 on social tools, according to a recent report from Bersin by Deloitte. This is triple the amount spent two years ago, and contributed to the reported 12% up-spend on training across US companies in 2012. Social learning is something everyone is talking about, but plenty are still waiting to be convinced as to why or how it will benefit their organisation and their people.

So how do we convert the confused and/or sceptical and help them make sense of the what, where and how in this fast-growth field? In 2010 an ASTD study, The Rise of Social Media: Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity Across Generations, respondents commented on the usefulness of social media tools within the workplace, especially wikis, podcasts and shared workspaces. Since then enterprise-level social learning tools have come on dramatically, and with that the opportunity to facilitate on the go informal learning that seamlessly connects disparate colleagues.  There’s huge potential for businesses that wish to drive forward their operations by taking a new approach to workplace learning.Using Social Media for Learning Gets Better Foothold in Workplace

Adriann Haney | 05/08/2013

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