3 key steps for retail e-learning success

The retail sector, it seems, is getting tougher by the minute. From big name technology outlets like HMV and Jessops, to fashion brand closures like Republic, many stores are struggling just to keep their doors open in today’s tough economic climate, and those that are staying afloat face a faster pace of work than ever in order to remain competitive. The stores that are surviving are the ones that have embraced digital methods – and not just when it comes to e-commerce.E-learning is a vital training resource for any e-retailer: it makes training their staff easier, quicker and ultimately more effective. The 3 following factors will maximise the efficiency of any retail e-learning strategy, so if you’re a retail manager, it’s time to take note!

Adriann Haney | 03/05/2013

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The top 5 challenges most retail managers want eLearning to address

Blockbuster, HMV,  Jessops, Clinton Cards, American Apparel: Just five big names amongst the scores of retailers who went  bust in the UK or the US last year as tough times took their toll and increasingly cost-conscious shoppers changed their buying habits. While the January sales may provide a welcome boost in the first weeks of the new year, sales trainers in the retail sector are acutely aware of the challenges that eLearning in retail is likely to face in 2013.

Adriann Haney | 02/01/2013

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