How to work with new SMEs

On a recent instructional design course I was co-hosting, a delegate asked if I had some tips in dealing with new subject matter experts (SMEs), particularly when the whole organisation is new to eLearning.

Louise Clare | 07/24/2018

Posted in: instructional design, subject matter experts

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The importance of SME reviews

Early on in my eLearning career, I stumbled onto a valuable lesson about the design process, and I thought I’d share it with you all today. So here goes:

Justine Swain | 05/31/2018

Posted in: elearning development, subject matter experts

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Working with SMEs

When creating eLearning courses, one of the key ingredients for delivering the program successfully is working with SMEs – subject matter experts – the people who have the key specialist knowledge on your topic. Their input and influence can make or break a project.

Graeme Youngs | 03/19/2015

Posted in: elearning courses, subject matter experts

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