Why Training with an eLearning Solutions Provider Is Right for Your Company

Ciara McCullough | 09/26/2014

Choices, choices, choices - We have so many to make! The last thing we need is another one on our plate. But choosing which eLearning authoring tool to use and how to train your team on its capabilities is an important decision that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Which eLearning Authoring Tool Should I Use?

We recommend Articulate Storyline or Articulate Studio ’13, depending on your organization’s needs - It’s as easy as that. Both are revered by their users and known for their simplicity and intuitive design, not to mention the beautiful eLearning courses they can create.

Okay, So Where Do I Get It?

You have a couple options to buy an Articulate license: You can go directly through Articulate at www.Articulate.com or you can purchase it through a third party, such as Omniplex. The advantage to buying with Omniplex is the added training and support that comes along with it. Omniplex distinguishes themselves as being the only Certified Articulate Trainers in the UK, an honor we wear with pride.

Is Support and Training Necessary? Training_with_an_eLearning_Solutions_Provider

In short, yes. Being able to pick up the phone and call an expert to navigate you out of any dark eLearning corner or over any obstacle is a great perk. Speaking with someone rather than reading a tutorial is the best way to feel secure and in good hands. It’s important to feel confident in your ability to learn how to solve a problem or at the very least get in contact with an expert who will guide you through to the solution.

eLearning authoring tools, no matter how intuitive and efficient, are still massively complex software due to the capabilities they offer. Articulate Storyline and Studio ’13 provide users with robust options for creating, designing, tracking and delivering courseware. It’s one thing to be technologically savvy, but it’s a whole different thing trying to learn a high-end authoring tool without an expert over your shoulder.

So what exactly is “Articulate Certified Training?”

 To be certified means that the UK staff at Omniplex are fully competent to deliver training on the authoring tool and are educated and assessed by Articulate themselves. As a project manager, you can trust that the training your team is receiving has been approved by the creators of the software and that the trainers are the industry’s best.

It also means Omniplex experts will be there to train your team throughout the entire process as well as provide continuous support for any future course creation. Furthermore, a relationship is built between your team and a Certified Trainer, one that grows and adapts to your organization’s needs. In order to consistently and repeatedly produce professional-grade courses with amazing user engagement and interactive features, this relationship is crucial.

Does Omniplex Train Other Areas of eLearning?

Omniplex staff are eLearning experts, meaning we’re knowledgeable in every facet of the eLearning industry. Having trained thousands of industry professionals through on-site and online training courses in over 15 countries, it’s fair to say we know what we’re doing. From Instructional Design classes to Subject Matter Expert sessions, Omniplex will train your organization on everything eLearning!

 Thanks for reading and feel free to comment! And remember, find all of your eLearning solutions, tools and services at Omniplex.

Ciara McCullough

Ciara is a Business Development Executive with Omniplex

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