Why media professionals need an LMS for multi-channel learning

Docebo | 04/28/2016

Why media professionals need a flexible online training platform for multi-channel learning on their time.

For many content producers, including remote employees for digital media organizations, it's more important than ever to have access to learning content that matches the pace of their average workday.

When learning material is taken online and made available in the workflow (rather than forcing the learner to stop what they’re doing and seek out training content), a high-quality and flexible learning management system (LMS) allows the learner to participate in training activities from any device, in a variety of formats.

By building a culture that supports experiential learning, delivered to the right person at the right time via the eLearning platform, your learners can start a session on a given device (say, their iPhone while waiting for the train) and finish their work on another device later (their laptop at home).

The best online training platforms allow your people to access new information and training material any time of the day, when it’s convenient for them – and traditional classroom training just can’t compete with that kind of flexibility.

How a flexible cloud LMS helped Thomson Reuters deploy more versatile learning objects

Thomson Reuter’s Intellectual Property and Science Division launched its Docebo learning platform to support the division’s global training initiatives. Before the advent of Docebo at Thomson Reuters, a small team of trainers personally delivered each piece of learning content to employees around the world.

This meant trainers woke up very early or stayed up very late to work with colleagues in different regions. It became very clear that the company needed a robust LMS that could support the creation and delivery of customized sales training courses, but they also needed to deliver on-time product updates to their global teams.

By following a few simple best practices, the company doesn’t have to worry about inadvertently causing delays in training for internal processes, sales skills or review training for product releases, and trainers can deliver branched content to only the people who need it, saving time and resources worldwide.



Written by our partners at Docebo

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